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Taurus Airbag Safety
Designed for the Taurus enthusiast who wants the very best in replacement airbag safety. For the man who understands that proper module repair comes first.  Aftermarket 2000 and 2001 Taurus modules aren’t available so we only sell OEM parts. Most of our bags are used, this means they were removed from other vehicles. We do not sell brand new Taurus air bag repair kits.


Module Repair

You can’t argue with the facts. During 1999 and 2000 every Taurus sold with dual airbags was of the highest safety air bag standards.  

The original Taurus air bag modules will be at your dealers soon, dont find yourself awaiting repair.
Seat belts. Sensors and factory module replacement high performance is assured with the new Taurus design.

airbag replacement

These are designed to help install airbag safety for all Taurus vehicles made in 2003 and 2004. A series of  air bag principles without restricting your vehicle’s  performance.

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air bags for Taurus
For years the Taurus has been getting all of the attention. Now it’s the airbags turn! Taurus has designed an ultra-class spoiler and push bar to get you out of the used car rut. Taurus safety bags require no compromise. You won’t even lose ground or air clearance. With this vehicle your airbag will perform. Why not be first? Of course, cheap copies will be available soon . . . but if close doesn’t count with you. Taurus airbag supply has it now for under three hundred dollars.