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Select the Ranger air bag system on the left to get started. This set includes the driver airbag, the dash bag and the diagnostic module. 1997 to 2007 airbag replacement for Ranger trucks.


airbag repair rangerBelieve it, there’s a new Ranger airbag system in town. A new module repaired from Ford is expensive but when ordering airbag parts from this website you’ll save a bundle. It’s the new Ranger pick up truck dual bag set up. And it’s a great deal.
The lines so smooth. The styling so sleek. The airbag system is safe, so sporty. The concept so Ford. One look and you know it’s got what you need to get into the kind of games Ranger people play. And win.
There’s a new side and frontal Ranger airbag module available for replacement.


Frontal and rear seat airbags make a big-size load no big deal. And an available rear spoiler that says this new Ranger can not only haul, it can haul. Pop the hood and you’ll meet the “Iron Duke:’
It’s Ranger’s exclusive new four It’s cast-iron tough. With 4.0 litres of Ranger power. Yet it’s smooth.
Thanks to the short stroke, long rod design. For even more punch, there’s an available V-6 airbag repair.

But if that’s not enough, the Ranger Handling Package you can order will have you struttin’ through those corners. Want to find out what driving can really be like? Buy a new or used 1998 1999 Ranger airbag module.

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