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 Order Used airbags for Ranger, Focus, Explorer and many others. 1-313-799-2042. Most Windstar airbags start at $138.44 depending on the year. 1998, 1999 and up, we carry all years makes and models.
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Explorer airbagsCar airbag light repair and replacement airbag modules wholesale to the public. Click here to order Ford Airbags and modules. Ford airbags are a supplemental restraint system. We sell many air bags including ranger airbags, and must be used in combination with a safety belt. All occupants should wear a safety belt or be seated in an appropriate child safety restraint system.
  • Airbag installation and Ford airbag light repair
    Driver and passenger used Ford air bag systems, while smart systems, cannot be designed to handle every situation and can still cause serious injury or death to occupants who are not in a proper seating position.When buying ranger airbags it is imperative that you read your owner’s manual to understand the operation of your ranger air bag system.

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Repair Deployed Taurus airbags at Ford Airbags.Com

1. What are Taurus air bags? Advanced Ford air bags are designed to meet the needs of the occupant in a variety of specific crash situations. Depending on design the taurus airbag systems automatically determine if and with what level of power the driver frontal air bag and the passenger Taurus air bag will inflate. The appropriate level of power is based upon sensor inputs that can typically detect (1) occupant size, (2) seat position, (3) seat belt use of the occupant, and (4) crash severity. Some systems also use the occupant’s distance from the car air bag as an additional input.

3. What type of used air bags and computers do we sell? Honda airbags, Nissan Acura Mitsubishi Lexus BMW Jetta Toyota airbags Ford Mercedes and many other air bag modules

2. Why do we need Ford air bags? Advanced frontal air bag systems are designed to be even more effective than current air bags (also known as “depowered” used car air bags in saving lives, while at the same time reducing the potential of causing an air bag induced serious injury or death.

Advanced replacement air bags were designed primarily to minimize the risk of a Windstar air bag related injury or death to children and small-statured adults. In crashes where a higher-powered air bag deployment would not be necessary and/or could cause injury, such as in a low-speed crash or in a crash where the occupant is leaning out of position, the system reduces the risk of an air-bag injury by either 1) shutting off (suppressing) the frontal car air bag or 2) by deploying the frontal air bag with less inflation force.

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3. Do all Ford Econoline cars come with advanced safety air bags and airbag computers(diagnostic modules)?
No. Vehicle models equipped with advanced truck F150 air bags that comply with the new advanced frontal air bag will be phased-in to the marketplace over the next few years. Beginning next year of each Ford manufacturer’s vehicles intended for sale in the U.S. must meet auto manufacturers air bag requirements.

4. How do I know if my Ford explorer has safety air bags?
There are several ways to tell:

(1) Explorer trucks with advanced explorer airbags are required to have warning labels with the phrase “EVEN WITH ADVANCED car AIR BAGS” on the sun visors for both the driver and passenger Ford explorers.

(2) Car air bags that are designed to suppress the air bags (not allow them to deploy) are also required to have an indicator light with the phrase “PASSENGER AIR BAG OFF” or “PASS AIR BAG OFF.” When illuminated, the purpose of this indicator light is to inform you that the passenger frontal air bag has been automatically turned off (suppressed) by the advanced frontal air bag system and therefore will not deploy. This can happen if sensors detect a small-statured passenger such as an infant or toddler in the right front passenger seating position.

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